How Asia Works with You to Bring Your Ideas to Life

If you have completed the following list below with Asia and have come to an agreement, please continue reading on to the next section.

For book illustrations, please follow this form to request for a proposal instead.

For other requests, continue reading.

☐ contact Asia Noble for her availability

☐ outline timescale and send brief

☐ (optional) discuss what illustration has caught your attention or given you reason to contact the illustrator

☐ outline and agree on a scope of work

☐ request a quote based on the information sent above

☐ agree on a payment scheme (fully up front, partial deposit, or by milestone)


Once a deposit has been made, Asia will send initial thumbnail or draft sketches.

For children's book illustrations, paintings or cartoon portraits, these will focus on composition and making sure that your big idea is being translated well.

For comics or sequential art, this is to make sure that the pacing of your manuscript is established to what you've intended.

So if you see a wonky eye, disproportionate limbs, or are wondering "why is Asia sending me scribbles? Where's my vision?!" please take a deep breath, and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. She's constructing the foundations first.


Once you have approved the thumbnails and are happy with the composition, Asia will clean up the drafts, and depending on the commission type, send you progress reports at regular intervals.

Any changes must be made during the drafting period.

Once you have approved of a "clean draft", Asia will proceed to ink (if applicable) the work, and then color. Each stage of progress will also be sent at regular intervals.

If you have a payment scheme, normally, she will be sending you a screenshot or a watermarked image, for you to review. Once satisfied, and the remaining balance has been paid, she will send the final file package (without watermarks, and in high-resolution).

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