Asia Noble is a self-taught illustrator. Born in the Philippines, she started traveling at 21 to pursue a variety of careers before realizing that the only thing she would like to devote herself to is drawing and design.

She has traveled throughout six continents, and currently splits most of her time between Bali, San Francisco, and Barcelona.

She is a nerd, feminist, and frustrated activist. She enjoys transcribing things in Elvish. Her video game genre of choice is single player role playing.

She is also the co-founder and COO of Design Off The Boat, a women-led team working on social innovation and nocode projects.

Her Work

Cement walls, wood panels, surfboards, large format and mini canvases, cloth and digital - she will paint on anything and everything.

She has illustrated album covers, book covers, posters, as well as murals. She enjoys doing portraits of people and animals.

In her free time she enjoys drawing depictions of femininity and weird introspectives.

She is a keyframe illustrator, storyboard and concept artist for Google, Boss Brewing UK, Yahoo, Salesforce, Okta, to name a few.

Her art style is defined by her many influences throughout the years, including Loish, Craig Thompson, Bill Waterson, Adam Hughes, Fiona Staples and Jen Bartel, among many others.

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