Asia the Illustrator

The illustrator holding up Duppy Bird, published in 2018 in Tales of Astoundment



Asia Noble is a self-taught illustrator. Her art style is inspired by her many travels throughout five continents. Certified geek, feminist, and activist as proven by her Elven alphabet chart by her desk and her encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction and fantasy.

Her versatility in style lends to an adaptability that can only be learned through years of interactions with a colorful assortment of clients and communities, and can only be sustained through her standing on the shoulders of giants, of which she will eternally be grateful for.

Her Work

Cement walls, wood panels, surfboards, large format and mini canvases, cloth and digital - she will paint on anything and everything .

She has art contributions that you can find in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Her art style is defined by her many influences throughout the years, including Loish, Craig Thompson, Bill Waterson, Adam Hughes, Fiona Staples and Jen Bartel, among many others.

Contact Her

E-mail her:, see her works in progress and current location on,, on couchsurfing, or help fund her wandering feet on PPH.

If you would like to hire an illustrator for your book and it is your first time, please take a minute to read through this pamphlet for first time authors seeking illustrators [link here to pdf

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