Skillshare Class Coming Soon!

I have a Skillshare class coming up in a couple of days. It will be available from this link.

It’s my first online class, I had a pretty difficult time trying to convey my thoughts one-way, since most of my teaching experiences have been in front of a bunch of students. I’m used to interacting and bouncing off student participation more than I am at monologuing.

I am also deathly awkward and tense in these videos. Yikes.

Let me know what you think of my first class (email me at

If you think you or one of your friends might like this class, please feel free to share the link :

Duppy Bird Available on Amazon!

Hi guys! I just want to share some awesome news: I illustrated a
horror comic for the anthology Tales of Astoundment, mine was Duppy
Bird. I’m excited to announce it has finally been published by Markosia (link to official announcement here)!

The volume is out now and available on a whole lot of
online platforms (for the international crowd) and stores near you (US
and UK)! (Amazon link here)

You can also choose to buy the individual issues on Comixology too :D

I’m late to the comics game, but being a comic book artist was the
whole reason I decided to take the plunge freelancing full time 4 years
ago. I still have a long way to go, and loads of things to learn, but my
dream is SLOWLY but surely coming true <3

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