Intro to Clip Studio Paint has been published!

UPDATE 21-10-2019
I’ve made this class available on Udemy (for lifetime access) and on Gumroad (for download)
I’ve published my second class on Skillshare [link here]

Here’s a short intro on what it’s about!

It will be available for the public for the first month, and you can get two months for free if you use my link to sign up, too!

This class is a brief introduction to the illustration program I’ve been using for a while now: Clip Studio Paint. My aim is to deconstruct the user interface of CSP for someone who has never used a drawing program, is just starting with digital art, or just anyone who’s curious about how to navigate all those shiny, tiny buttons.

I’ve learned a lot from my first class (Discover Your Cartoon Style) and it took me less time and stress to do this second one. I’m looking forward to improving that first class sometime soon, and adding a follow up to this class before the year is over, too.

If you have any constructive criticism, advice, or would like to encourage me to make more, feel free to do so!

Skillshare Class Coming Soon!

I have a Skillshare class coming up in a couple of days. It will be available from this link.

It’s my first online class, I had a pretty difficult time trying to convey my thoughts one-way, since most of my teaching experiences have been in front of a bunch of students. I’m used to interacting and bouncing off student participation more than I am at monologuing.

I am also deathly awkward and tense in these videos. Yikes.

Let me know what you think of my first class (email me at

If you think you or one of your friends might like this class, please feel free to share the link :

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